About Us


The research made by friends in various sectors of life in the territory of North Cameron led to the creation of an association. This association was born as a result of the urgent needs, among which are the following;

  • Lack of / hard access to drinkable water
  • Scarce food most especially in certain months of the year leading to a catastrophe for the population.
  • Diseases due to lack of water; as a consequence of hygienic reasons most especially for the women
  • Lack of accessibility to scholastic materials most especially for the women, the orphans, the youths
  • Inability to have economic help to support the family

These difficulties inspired a group of young friends to start and legalize a group called, “World Action for All” abbreviated as “WAFA”

Created in January 2003, the organization is officially recognized as a group of community initiative. This is in accordance with the Laws of Cameron of 05 September 2003 prot. N EN/GP73010703.

The association works in the social aspect. The general motivation is the will to contribute to the integral progress of the human community in the rural setting.


“World Action For All” aims at the social work and not luxury. It was born as a response to the difficulties cited above.

The scope is integral human promotion: to form (technically) the population (support-advice, formation, studies, execution, accompaniment and evaluation of small projects) without discrimination of gender, ethnic belonging or religious confession. This is done in view of living with dignity and growing according to the plan of God.